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As an online commerce enabler, Geturkart transistorize fully integrated tools that let store - owners set up and manage their business in the simplest and most effective manner and with the help of us you can start easily.

Sign up with Geturkart account

Set up a Geturkart account for a free trial and enter some basic details to get established your profile. Through the account, you will be able to build and maintain your online store, upload and update details about your products, as well as can easily manage your customer profiles, inventory, and sales data.

Categorize your plan

We have 3 package plan for our user i.e. BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM. In basic package plan user will get few features and as per your packages increase you will get more features. While visiting package plans you get chance to overview them but only Sign up the selected package plan.

Redirect to online store

After setting up your account, you can create your website with your own domain name. Geturkart made your way easy by providing thematic templates so that you can easily drag-and-drop your product images to put together the webpage. For your more convenience we are providing you plenty of designs templates you can choose the best for your business segment including fashion, accessories, business services and urban living.

Register for the plan and Get your domain

After visiting our plans you need to register to redirect yourself the package plan to continue with us in different categories like business segment including fashion, accessories, business services and urban living. When you registered successfully you’ll get domain name for your webpage.

Configuring layout

There is Editable banner will also be displayed with an option to edit it online or just leave it for later. Default Contact Form will be displayed with Contact field. You will be given an option to created mail Id or you can keep it for later. Default Invoice Pattern will be provided for reference Dummy Images or PDF of same can be shown for help. A photo gallery to upload images will be provided as per the plan he can upload all images at one go or can save it for later. Categories Management and Product Management Limited scope or unlimited scope will be provided depends upon the plan. A proper guidelines will be provided with all the details related to shopping cart integration by default Shopping cart will be integrated.

Payment after your choices

After confirming your package First browse through our database of design templates, upload your product images, permit a payment gateway and a shipping partner, key in your google analytics tracking ID, link and sync your web store to marketplaces, even have your own shop directly on Facebook and more. Geturkart supports most major payment gateway such as credit card, debit card, net banking and cash-on-delivery to get out with most appropriate one.

Shipping modess

Afterwards, you can opt in network delivery options that are most relevant or your targeted customer segments and market. Geturkart is capable of managing all your backend integration, you just need to do is select the various delivery options and hit the ‘ENABLE’ button.

Select marketplaces & social media sites

Showcase your product on marketplace where your potential customers already frequent such as Amazon, EBay and many more. You can also explore yourself by displaying your products on social media platform including Facebook and Twitter. For more accuracy displayed on market place you just need to choose website and Geturkart handles all the backend integration including adjusting your photo images with details.

We provide one year package and even we provide the full customization services.

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