Website reflects our image in front of the world and it affects our productivity. That time has gone when we use only simple design in a website. In this time 2018 is the year to become successful and to do something effective that no one has done before. Everything is high-tech and customers too. If you really want to enhance consumers on your ecommerce site then you have to give something different and unique experience to them that they never have before.
You can’t see E-consumers and they can’t too
The only interaction way with consumers is your Ecommerce Website, if your website doesn’t look so attractive you lose your customers. Research says that 94% Econsumers admit that website design is the first impressions to make a positive image of your brand, yeah! Content matters a lot but best content is nothing if your design is poor. It’s all about the game of “59 Seconds”, in 59 seconds your consumers decide to further proceed or not.
Yes! You heard right just 59 seconds…
can ruin your hard-work and money that you invested in your ecommerce. And, many e-retailers neglect their website design.
So, here’s a look of best tips to design that your ecommerce site really needs.


Tip #1
Use Web Animation & GIF’s
Animation and GIF’s impacts a lot on consumer’s mind, it grab everyone’s attention. Animation is not only the way to give some different experience but it is also the useful to provide information in the unique way. This is the time of Virtual Reality, Animation, most of the Hollywood movies makers use Animation techniques to give a special preference and it applies on web too. Use animation can deliver your services in short but yes! You have to decide which animation suitable fits on your website. You can go with GIF’s, it’s short and effective.


Tip #2
Custom Illustrations & Videos
Illustration is simply like to provide visual explanation of text, images, mostly used in video games. A customized image is the better way to convey your message. They grab the attraction towards and says a lot more than words. Research says, more than 85% of consumers are most likely to watch a demo videos of a product before make purchase. Best example – YouTube channel, many brands upload a new product video on YouTube and watched more than million times.


Tip #3
Play with Colors
Mostly designers play a safe game with web-safe colors but in 2018 is the year of uniqueness. Use Bright & Vibrant color schemes that tells about your brand or product. Don’t stuck with old and dull colors. Psychology says, colors influence peoples and made a perception about your brand, you can’t use bubbly pink color scheme if you have Ayurveda ecommerce store. Choose colors according to your brand or business, research says, more than 80% of shop decisions is based on which colors you used on your website.


Tip #4
Drop Shadows for Extra Depth
Drop Shadows techniques is the most popular in web designer’s community, not from the now but many past years. Then why we mention it here? Drop Shadow effect present your product image in a different way and define more. Web Designers are playing with shadow effect to look your product’s image more attractive, it enhance your product’s image from flat image to attractive one.


Tip #5
Creative Typography
To win the race, it’s a very challenging to attract consumers more. Typography is the powerful tool to grab the user’s eye on it. Choose the right font that comfortably fit on your banner, header or anywhere on your website, choose the right style as well that effortlessly read by the users. Select the right color combination because a single color can add drama and emotion. But no to go with over excessive use of color combination.


Tip #6
Create Brand Logo
How many brand you see without using a Logo, no one, off course! Logo is the main part of your business, it creates a brand image. A good attractive logo could enhance your brand image in front of the world. It looks expensive when you have your own brand logo.


Tip #7
Mobile Ready
No matters, how great website you have if your website is not ready for mobile users. Mobile is the easiest way to access a website instead of PC or desktop, it is less time consuming, less energy efficient and access by anywhere. According to a report, more than 60% of mobile users made a purchase using their smartphones. Mobile users are rapidly increases day-by-day, estimated almost 10 billion mobile devices are currently in use.


Tip #8
Social Media Presence
Don’t underestimate the power of Social Media. Use social media platforms to engage more visitors on your website. Enabled all your social media platforms with your design and give a power to consumers to access your site and social pages as well. Create relevant content for your social media pages, post daily content, use product’s images. These Social Media activity can enhance your brand visibility .


Tip #9
Safety & Security
Safety & Security is the biggest factor for any website. Don’t compromise with safety & security, it is good for your business and also good for your users. Prevent from hackers, it is important to update your software, make multiple passwords you shouldn’t have to use simple passwords like- avoid using admin panel over admin panel username and passwords. Keep change your passwords after two or three days. Make passwords length stronger. Use software to protect your website.


Tip #10
Engage more customers with telling your brand story. Many big brands tells a short story to manipulate more customers and you should try too. By storytelling you can connect more users, telling stories creates an emotional relationship in between users and brand.

From the Editor’s Desk…
Making an attractive website is pretty hard. Firstly, you have to understand your targeted customers and play according to them. You can also use some Psychology tactics to influence or attract more customers. But remember, you have to study before implemented.

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