1.Simple your website design
Use simplicity with your website design. It should be user-friendly. eConsumers are not coming for checking your web design so, use simple and clean website.

2. Website Loads
According to a research, more than 45% of customers expect that a website should load within 3 seconds and 35% consumers will go to another website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. So, try to enhance your website load within 3 to 4 seconds because slow website will burn your sales.

3. Make m-commerce as well
M-Commerce means, mobile ready website to attract more consumers via wireless technology. According to a survey, almost 60% of online users use their smartphones to shop online. So, you should have to make mobile friendly web as well.

4. Create your own content
Generate your website content in your way because you are the only one to showcase your business in front of the world. Avoids heavy words, use unique and simple content to present yourself.

5. Use Urgency Tactics
Use emergency tactics like- quick order, exclusive deal, last minute to grab and many more to influence more consumers because it directly psychological impacts on consumer’s mind to shop more.

6. Generate Seasonal Coupons
Seasonal coupons are like festival or any special occasions coupons, in which consumers get additional discount at the time of shopping and it also influence more customers to shop through your ecommerce.

7. Give Referral or Rewards Points
A consumer is only buy more, if they get the benefit from your online store. Give Rewards points and referral points from refer any person and redeemed at the time of next shopping.

8. Work on your SEO
Search Engine Optimization, it is process of generating traffic of your website and also help to build your website ranking. Use keywords, Google Analytics to check website traffic.

9. Use Social Media power
Social Media is the most used platform by internet users, you can turn audience into customers. You can communicate to the users by posting your brand or services. You can create videos, click photos of your workplace or share other’s posts on your social media account.

10. Present Emotional/Social Values
Values are the main factor for the growth of any business. You can give support to needy people for developing their living standard and post pictures or thanks giving letter from them to your social media accounts.

11. Use Creativity
Upgrade your product image quality, product description and presentations. Don’t use blur, dim or darken images. Showcase multiple images of any product with different overviews. Improve your product description with clear to end points.

12. Use Plugins
Plugins is one of the feature of ecommerce, it enhance the functionality. You can use different plugins on your ecommerce like- deal of the day, zoom, quick category and so on. There are lots of the ecommerce solutions provider, offers various plugins. Use it and grow your business.

13. Easy Purchasing process
Consumers are not willing to invest more time for purchase. Once they setup their mind to purchase any product so, it’s your duty to give them simple and easy purchasing process. They don’t want to waste their time to fill unnecessary things.

14. Collect Feedback for improvement
Feedback is crucial for your business, it helps to improve your website, product quality or description and business decisions. You should have to take feedback from your customers but you have to be very careful, take right precautions and use short feedbacks forms.

15. Use multichannel marketing to enhance customers
Marketing is the best weapon for growing any business. You can use multiple channel for doing marketing activity, it enhance your brand awareness. Apple is the biggest example of multichannel marketing.