Having an online business is easy but to operate an online business is not much as easy as it sound. Most of the people gives you “what to do list”, they gives you advice, tips & tricks or tactics while you’re thinking to start an online business.

But how many people gives you “what not to do list”? A Few! I am sure.

In this article we’ll cover 5 common mistakes that every online entrepreneur does in their online business.

Mistake #1

Avoid Conference & Events

Yes! Professional Conference, Meet-ups, Events and Trade fair can help you to enhance your brand visibility. There are lots of the crowd over there, many business delegations, consumers, retailers as well as distributors, you can target more audience in a short time. Present your business, showcase your strength, build relations or participate in the conversation. But a bitter truth is that I’ve seen many online entrepreneur thinks that professional conference or meet-ups are useless, they said these all are total waste of time but they didn’t even realize they all have effective audience which you can turn into your future customers. This is the most common mistakes that every online entrepreneur does.

Mistake #2

Website doesn’t tell your brand

Customer firstly looking your website that how your website looks like. If your website doesn’t make any connections between your brand and users then you are on the wrong way. Your website design, fonts, colors should be presenting your brand in more possible way. Many brands understand the requirement of a presentable and good-looking website. We already make an article on how your website should be? Check this article and make your eCommerce site presentable.

Mistake #3

Neglect Online Reviews

Customer Reviews is the most important tool of your online business. If you ignore this then your business face many fluctuations and at a point become insolvent. According to a survey, 88% of customers trust on online reviews rather than personal recommendations and a single bad review can affect your business hardly. You have to find why a customer give you a negative review? Contact his or her, ask their problem and give them solutions and make correction. After all, customer is all in all for you and you can’t afford to lose a single customer.

Mistake #4

Ignore Research & Study

If you think to start a business whether it’s online or offline, what is the first thing you should have to do? Research and Study, you have to make a complete research on your business, resources and targeted customers, covers each and every point, study every possibilities that affect your business in future. Done study about your services what you offer to the customers, read your business related articles or blogs or books and don’t forget to study on your customers.

Mistake #5

Dodge Digital Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of the digital marketing, is the effective tool to generate enough traffic on your eCommerce site. Use SEO, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and yes, don’t forget social media. Report says that more than 30% of a website traffic generated from the social media only. And, even many brands focus on digital marketing to convert audience into their customers.

Final Thoughts…

Running a business is not easy, no matter online or offline. You have to be more focus, more determination and more passionate. Don’t follow others to become successful entrepreneur, everyone has a different pace.

Being a startup or business, look at your business and look at others business who ahead from you and ask yourself “Is that where I want to be?”, “Is that what I want to achieve?” and if the answer is no then you have to find different way and avoid those mistakes that other startups already did.

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