Festive or Holiday seasons is that way which helps to boost your Ecommerce store’s traffic and could enhance your eCommerce sales. There are several types of festivals being celebrated in the world, such as Christmas, Valentines Day, New Year and so on. In every festival, people made purchases for a gift or for own use. This is the best time to get the desired results.

With the 4 simple but effective tips and tricks, you can enhance your Ecommerce store’s traffic and sales as well.

Design your Homepage according to the Festival

Design is the major factor to attract more consumers, if your website design is attractive then it increases the chance to boost your site’s traffic. You have to change the design of your site according to the festival, change the background, use festive colors and you can also give a twist in your logo.

Extra Discounts

Festive season is the time when people shops more for their loved ones. They didn’t hesitate to spend more on purchasing products if the deal is the right fit. You can offer them some extra discounts to influence to shop more. With the use of this tactic, you can definitely boost your site’s traffic as results increase sales.

Cash Back Offer

Cash back offer is an effective trick to enhance customers on your eCommerce store. You can run an offer in which if any customer shop more than that specific amount, whatever you decide (let’s take an example of 6000 rupees) then he/she will get a cashback amount on that limited purchase. Along with, you can run a scratch card offer to win some exciting prizes. These trick can definitely enhance your eCommerce traffic and increase your sale up to 30%-40%.

Free Gift Wrapping

In this era of technology, many customers purchase products online to gift their loved ones. And, they don’t have any time to wrap a gift. In the festive season, you can offer them to free gift wrapping option that will give a positive impact to your eCommerce store.