India is one of the fastest growing development country in the world. It increases rapidly with a hike rate of percentage. Ecommerce has a wide range of scope but it increases at a very low rate in India. Most of the Indians think that Ecommerce is not good for their health, they hesitate before entering in this field because they have lots of fear in their mind.

According to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, estimates that ecommerce market is about to touch $33 billion in this fiscal year which is indicating 19% growth over 2016-17. Almost 100 million online consumers in 2017 in India, which increase from 69 million online consumers in 2016.



  • Fear of Failure

Failure is the biggest fear for everyone and this is human nature. If I am not getting truthful results then what happen? What to do if I fail? How to manage the products or orders? Every startup or entrepreneur is suffering from this pain.

Solution – Fear is the cause of failure and fear is also the cause of our success. You just have to overcome your fear and hit hard. You have to ask yourself one question that “How can I grow from this experience?” Pick any eCommerce service providers they can take care of your ecommerce store on the behalf of you. Take a step in ecommerce store, the doors will open for you because it gives you the genuine productivity. You just have to choose right platform to start an ecommerce store.

  • Fear of Waste of Money

Off course, money is the main factor for every entrepreneur, for every human being or for every business. No one wants to invest in a wrong way, but investment is the better way for getting something.

Solution – Before spend any amount to purchase domain and hosting or hire any eCommerce service provider, you can use Free Trials of ecommerce store or manuals, which helps to give you experience of your own realistic online store. Once, you are satisfy then Invest to getting an ecommerce store and turn your ordinary business into an extra ordinary business. And yes, you can target more customers and earned more income.

  • Lack of Knowledge and understanding

People wants to start an ecommerce store but they don’t have the right knowledge that where to start? How to start? Due to some lack of knowledge or understanding they didn’t get any proper guidance.

Solution – To start an ecommerce store and to turn your business into an online world, you can consult any eCommerce service providers through phone call or chats. You just have to research on this and take the right step towards. Get some knowledge and understand the whole concept that every business needs a change.

  • Lack of Resources

Resource are the main factor for growing any business. If you don’t have the right resources then your business will become insolvent. You have to take the right resources and use at the right time.

Solution – You don’t know how to and where to purchase Domain and hosting? How to purchase plugins and themes? If you don’t have the right resources to start an ecommerce store. So, you can pick any ecommerce agency, where you can get all the solutions of your problems to start an ecommerce store. There are lots of the ecommerce service providers are available in the market. You just have to research and take the right step to start an Online Store.

Ecommerce is one of the biggest reason to running a successful business. It gives you the more wide option to target the customers. No matter how far is your customer. You should have to change yourself and your business too according to the change of time.

And, take the right way with right solutions. We are Geturkart and we provide all the one stop solutions of all your ecommerce needs to start an ecommerce store. We care you, we care your liquidity that’s why we provide to you 10 days of Free Trial before investing to hire us. And we wish you to start a new journey with ecommerce.

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