In Business, we deals with many things, we faced many fluctuations or competitions and Unhappy Customers is also the part of this. A Customer can unhappy with several reasons, some valuable, some not. Customer bought a product form your store and he/she got faulty one or not happy with product then customer get rude or angry and many other reasons. You have to take unhappy customers on priority basis and solve their queries or issues after all customer’s makes brand, not brand makes customers.

  “This is an opportunity to make your dreams come true”

Yes, this is an opportunity to deal with unhappy customer. A single unhappy customer can help to enhance your brand’s visibility in more audience and they actually start talking about your brand, ohh! That brand provide that type of services and etc.

Second, there are lots of the platform to say about your point to the world & social media is one of them, a single unhappy customer publish their problem with your brand on different social media platform and lots of the audience read, this result comes free advertising of your brand, so here is the another advantage of unhappy customers.

But, the main advantage that you’ll get from unhappy customers, they can help you to increase your business quality. Once you’ll understand what your customer wants? What they need most? & what’s their issue to collaborating with your brand? Then you’ll be ready to target the more audience in future.

Many brands used unhappy customers to increase their business quality and became more visibility. Dominos is one of them, there was a time when dominos suffered many unsatisfied customers complained there pizza’s quality then they understood customer’s problems and their needs and create a better communication and now, Dominos is one of the most favorite pizza brand.

That’s why, I said “This is an opportunity to grab”. So, don’t take unhappy customers as a headache, take them as priority and solve their problems. And, through this article, you’ll better understand that How to deal with Unhappy Customers in just 6 simple steps.

Step #1

Keep Clam & Listen Properly

When your customer is start complaining about your product or services then it’s normal to get angry, right? No, you don’t have to be angry, if you do then you’re not serious to give better customer service or support. You have to stay calm, keep your tone low & listen properly & understand their issues with goods or services after all “Customers makes a brand, not brand makes customers” as I said that above. And, make sure when customers speaks, you just have to only listen properly to them and then perform to give solutions.

Step #2

Don’t take it personally

If your customer unhappy and gives negative feedback then you have to understand they give feedback to your products or service’s quality what you offer to them. They don’t have any personal issues with you, they get frustrated or angry and in fact you’re also get angry when you receive unsatisfied products or services. So, don’t take that feedback personally, you have to understand customer’s point of view and give their solutions.

Step #3

Sympathize to them

Once you listen properly and understand customer’s issues then you have to express sympathy because your customer wants to know that you really understand the “problem”. Empathy to your customer is beneficial for you to let them know that you really care about them, it helps to make an informal connection between you and your customers and express sympathy can calm your customers also.

Step #4

Apologize to them

A single word “Apology” can make your work. If you don’t lose that customer and don’t want to make a perception in customer’s mind that you are rude, so, you have to apologize to them, whether the problem is yours or not, whether your customer right or not, doesn’t matter. You have to speak just a single line that “I am sorry for the inconvenience what you’ve faced”, a word sorry can convert your bad relations into good one.

Step #5

Give them a Solution

After understand your customer’s problem then you should have to start working to find solutions. If the problem is in your product or services then you have to provide another one and if the fault is your customers then also you have to give solutions to them, no matter I am right, I am not providing any solutions and Blah! Blah! Blah! You have to think that “your customer is your business needs and your business only survive if your customer needs your business.”

Step #6

Get the Feedback

The final step is to get the feedback from your unhappy customers. Feedback can prevent your business from the future loses and helps to better understand the customer’s requirements. You don’t think? Get the example of Dominos as I already said, lots of the customer’s complaint about their pizzas quality, they took them feedback, made checklist and improve it and now you can see where they are. So, don’t try to neglect the power of feedback, prepare some questions, ask to give feedback and improve your quality.

Time to turn Unhappy one into Happy one

Bunch of unhappy customers can ruin your whole struggle, hard-working and money that you invested in your business. Research says that a single unhappy or angry customer tell other 9 customers to not to purchase any products or not to hire your services and mostly customers change their viewpoint from positive to negative about your brand, isn’t that bad for your business? Yes, it is bad. So, give maximum priority to unhappy customers, contact them, listen them, apologize them and give solutions to them. I am sure, these simple step will help your business to deliver the quality.

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